Mission, Goals/Objectives, and about me! Let’s get started :)

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As the site name suggests, this will be a “lifeblog,” so my intention is to share as much of my life experiences, observations, and lessons as I can, in the hopes that it will help others and benefit them some way in their own unique life journey. Given that goal,  I think an important part of providing this intended benefit is transparency about the source of information- i.e. giving my future readers some background about myself… But I’m going to save that for the end of this post!

I’ve resisted becoming just another droplet in the ocean of bloggers for a long time, because, possibly like a lot of people, I feel like there is enough “information overload” to cope with on a daily basis. But a lot of personal changes of late have influenced my conviction that a key component to being a positive/creative force in this world is to effectively share and communicate wherever parts of “the process” you’ve uncovered with others, so we can collectively replicate the steps and innovate better ways to live life! I know that sounds very high-level, generic, broad, and maybe even unrealistic, but that is the way of any 1000 mile journey. What comes after the conceptualization of “the destination” starts with a single step, and the subsequent individual steps reveal themselves along the way. I’ve realized that many of my personal issues stemmed from a need to overcome/consciously reconcile a lot of negativity – untrue thoughts, negative  feelings and emotions – and learning to target their root causes, not just the “symptoms” (which is the negative perception/experience itself). Of late, I am strongly convinced that we are at a point of existence where we collectively have a huge potential for growth, development, and progress at our disposal – we just need to set intention before action and do everything deliberately and consciously. This is a daily practice and it’s a process I’m not claiming to have perfected, but it’s a way of thinking and as such, once put into motion, will change every aspect of your life and how you see the world. The startup cost is literally zero and the benefit is as great as you can cenceive it. Even if you’re not religious or spiritual (and I strongly believe everyone is spiritual even if they don’t claim it), finding the proverbial divinity within the mundane will become much more literal. At a certain point, I myself am left wondering if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I guess the answer is: it’s whatever you make of it!…. So this blog is my attempt to share the beautiful, fractal complexity I perceive within the world so that we may all be blessed, together!

My background in “20 (or less) Questions/Facts” Format:

  1. (I am) First-generation Bulgarian immigrant.
  2. …An only child to two very loving, hard-working, hard-headed, small-town folks
  3. …International Baccalaureate (IB) program grad from one of the top high schools in the nation
  4. … A freelance model formerly based out of Miami
  5. …Miss Florida Spirit 2010, Miss Pembroke Pines US Nation 2011, Miss Florida US Nation 2012
  6. … A Type 1 diabetic for 12 years
  7. … A survivor of untreated thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive imbalances
  8. … A recently turned HCLF/RawTill4 vegan!
  9. … A FIU alum with undergrad in economics
  10. …. A Soon-to-be UNF alum with MBA in finance
  11. … A Financial rep for managed account services at one of the top-rated US brokers!
  12. … The original single-girl homeowner!
  13. … Forever single 😂
  14. I label myself as Eastern Orthodox, as religion goes.
  15. … A supported of CATA, GirlsGoneGreen, and The Solution
  16. … striving to align myself as “service to others”


Happy Earth Day!

The love in your heart is the life-blood of Mother Earth. Feel it today so that She may breathe tomorrow!